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What is Music Therapy?
Music therapy is essentially the use of music in a therapeutic way. While music therapists generally work with a variety of clients, my specialty is using music and sound in psychotherapy as a vehicle for expression and communication. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including, listening, vocalization, shared improvisation, songwriting, and more.

Expression through mediums other than the spoken word allow us to explore material that may be too difficult to speak about, or may be based in early experiences. Sometimes, exploration through sound and music allows a new and fresh perspective on an old problem or can allow a family member to express something they might not feel comfortable stating directly.

And ultimately, music is fun and engaging! Children naturally gravitate toward music making. Teens are generally quite eager to share their musical tastes and a bit of themselves in the process. Even families can use music therapy to learn about themselves and their unique challenges in a fun and relaxed way.

Please see our groups section for information on upcoming social skills groups for children.
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