"Anxiety is excitement without the breath" - Fritz Perls
Gestalt therapy respects the inherent health in every person, recognizing that behaviors, whether they are productive or destructive, tend to be a response and creative solution to some deeper need. Rather than simply working to make symptoms disappear, a Gestalt therapist will help a client develop awareness of the deeper unmet need and explore new, healthier, alternative behaviors.
Unlike many therapies that focus mainly on internal beliefs and thought processes, Gestalt therapy is a relational and holistic approach to the therapeutic process. It recognizes that people are not isolated individuals, but are in constant interaction with their environment, family, society, etc. We are defined and enriched by our relationships with others. Intimacy and contact are basic human needs. When we are able to be fully present in this contact, without pretense or fear, we experience a new level of vitality and spontaneity.
What Is Gestalt Therapy?
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A Gestalt therapist assists the client in developing awareness of how they make or prevent contact in relationship. This is accomplished through a variety of techniques, including dialogue, awareness of body, movement, and breath, role playing, and creative expression through sound or visual media.