I work with every client as a unique individual. Rather than looking at what is “wrong” with a client, I focus on the inherent health of the individual. I believe many behaviors, feelings, and styles were at one point a healthy and creative adjustment to a difficult situation. I assist people in developing awareness around this process and empower them to make new choices that may serve them better.
Some people simply want to improve their lives and live more purposefully and authentically. I help people explore how they show up in the world and assist them in moving in a more authentic and congruent direction.
Others simply feel frustrated, like they are stuck replaying the same dysfunctional drama over and over. I offer an objective and impartial viewpoint from which I empower individuals or families to increase awareness and develop alternative methods to problem solving, communication, and improving relationships.
Many people are aware of their wounds- difficult emotions that result from trauma, grief, and loss. Unfortunately, ignoring these feelings and memories rarely works and we end up restricting our lives and avoiding people, places, and things that may remind us of these wounds.  I believe many of these feelings must be faced and worked with, even learned from, before we can move on and live a full and enriching life. I offer a kind, compassionate, steady hand as you begin to work with, befriend, and resolve these emotions and memories.
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